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  • Kelsie Marick: Marketing & Sales

    Kelsie Marick

    Kelsie Marick graduated Gonzaga University in 2014 with a BE in Sport Management and Marketing. She has ​worked for the Bend Elks (Summer 2012), Portland Timbers (Summer 2013), and Gonzaga University (2011-2014). Kelsie is part of the new ownership group and has loved living in Bend and taking advantage of all the great outdoors.

  • John & Tami Marick: Owners

    John & Tami Marick

    John and Tami Marick ​became owners of the Bend Elks in October of 2014. Before the Bend Elks, John and Tami graduated from University of Portland in 1987, both obtained a bachelor's degree in Marketing / Management. John continued on to a master's degree in 1993 from the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University and a bachelor's degree in 1987 in Marketing / Management from the University of Portland. In 1995 the Marick's founded Consumer Cellular in Portland, OR. Consumer Cellular's services are aimed towards providing users with simple, inexpensive and no-contract cell phone plans. Both John and Tami enjoy traveling and spending as much time as possible exploring the outdoor, especially here in Central Oregon.